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The young serf Taras and his beloved Maria try to leave the Ukrainian land. But at the border they are detained - Taras is imprisoned and Maria is returned to her master.
In the barracks, Taras meets a samurai named Akai. Akai came here to steal his dead master’s katana. Katana is now in hands of Harimoto, who has come to Ukraine to buy slaves from the Ukrainian master.
Taras says, that he knows a collector named Jaromir - the man who enslaved his beloved Maria. Taras offers Akaya to break into Jaromir’s house together to help Akaya kidnap the katana, free Maria, and escape to Japan together.
On the way to their goal and freedom dangerous adventures will occure, and this path will change our heroes, which means that in the end everything will not turn out as they dreamed. But maybe it’s for the best?